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Spectral VS Generation

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Game Spectral VS Generation
Upload Date Dec 2, 2016
Length 1:09:54
Previous Tekken 3
Next Project Justice
“Anime is still good.” — Liam
“No, it's not.” — Pat

Spectral VS Generation is the one-hundredth episode of the Friday Night Fisticuffs series. This week, Matt, Pat, Woolie, and Liam investigate a fighter that flew under everyone's radar as they get invigorated by an English song they can't understand and take cover from it's exploding children.


— Video Description


Everything they touch turns into shovelware.
— Pat
This feels like the song Woolie got his friend to record for his Metal Gear Solid fan film.
— Pat
This is fucking CCW VS Chikara.
— Pat
Matt was just stroking a Real Bout box in here.
— Liam
You can't trust a fighting game character who's default stance is his back facing towards you.
— Woolie
I'm having weird input trouble. I think I suck.
— Pat
I almost said exploding child video.
— Pat
Anime is still good.
— Liam
No, it's not.
— Pat

Wins/Losses Edit

Matt 2/1
Pat 2/2
Woolie 2/1
Liam 1/2

Letter TimeEdit

There was no Letter Time this week.

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