Captain Super Best Iron Friends: Civil War

Spider-Man: The Video Game

Spider-Man The Game Screen
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Game Spider-Man: The Video Game
Length 47:46
Upload Date May 5, 2016
Controller Matt, Liam, and BokuNoEruption
Previous Marvel Super Heroes: War of the Gems
Next Captain America: Super Soldier & Iron Man 2
“Kids, only winners beat up other kids. For their quarters.” — Matt

Spider-Man: The Video Game is part two of the Captain Super Best Iron Friends: Civil War three part event. In this episode, Matt, Liam, and special guest BokuNoEruption stuff their arcade cabinet with twenty Spider-Man each so they can beat up Doctor Doom and go through his browser history.

About Edit

Enter the Spider-Man! The webbed-wonder joins with heroic Team Cap member Hawkeye to go on a sterling whirlwind adventure to stop a bevvy of villains!
— Video description

Quotes Edit

Yeah, so using your specials, Matt, takes up part of your life.
— Liam
I thought you were gonna say it takes up your quarters.
— Matt
All of New York puts in the code and then someone never has to walk again.
— Matt
No one has to walk again. You put in the code 'Woolie M' and you don't have to walk for seven days.
— Liam
He's like, 'Aw, even when I get off the set, I'm still Toby McGuire.'.
— Liam
Kids, only winners beat up other kids. For their quarters.
— Matt
Since we're clearly stuck in Hell! I don't know anything about Latveria's geography but I don't think it encompasses one of the ninth circles.
— Matt
Dude, you're in Eastern Europe. It's kind of the thing.
— Liam
Is he a Bayblade?
— BokuNoEruption
Do you think Doctor Doom writes lemons?
— BokuNoEruption
Yes. About Reed Richards, probably.
— Matt
Which is the real Eddie Brock? It's the one that's always broke.
— Matt

Trivia Edit

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