The Amazing Superfriends!

Spiderman (PS1)

Superfriends Spiderman PS1
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Game Spider-Man (PS1)
Length 30:22
Controller Pat
Previous Batman Brave & The Bold
Next Ghost Rider
“Playstation One cleavage was the best cause you could only work with what you had.” — Matt

Spiderman (PS1) is the sixth episode in the Best Friends' The Amazing Superfriends! special.


Check this out true believers, a really old, but of great spider man game. From back in the old timey PS1 days. Yowza!
— Video Description


Matt and Pat hone their Spider-Senses and strap on their web shooters so they can track down a rogue Spider-Man, and get yelled at by holographic J. Jonah Jameson, get hostages killed, give Doctor Octopus brain damage, and hide under desks like real heroes.


The opening animation shows Pat reading a newspaper article about Sega stating they will never localize Yakuza 5. Pat, enraged, becomes a red Hulk, but is revealed to be shorter than Spider-Matt, standing next to him. Spider-Matt's spider-sense suddenly alerts him of danger, but not in time, as he and Pat are hit by a truck driven by symbiote possessed Woolie and Liam.

Quotes Edit

My uncle Playstation got killed.
— Matt
Welcome, True Belivers! I'll never die! They'll just bring me back in issue thirty-six.
— Matt, as Stan Lee
Hey Spider-Man, do you ever wonder why you look like such an asshole in this suit?
— Pat
Playstation One cleavage was the best cause you could only work with what you had.
— Matt
You keep asking me to remember these things I don't know.
— Pat
Liam is Mephisto confirmed.
— Pat
It's not the Shocker. I'm shocked.
— Matt
We can only use that glass breaking animation twice in the entire game.
— Matt
It costs too much.
— Pat
In case of Spider-Man, blow up wall.
— Pat

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Gallery Edit

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