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Splatterhouse 2
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Game Splatterhouse (2010), Splatterhouse (1988),
Splatterhouse 2,
Splatterhouse 3
Length 51:04
Controller Matt, Liam
Upload Date Nov 3, 2014
“You play as Murder Man instead of Dracul.” — Liam

Best Friends Play Splatterhouse is a one-off episode in which Matt, Woolie and Liam play Splatterhouse games, starting with a remake of the 1988 classic beat 'em up and then boot up classic games. In their journey to fuck shit up they recognize the voice actors from Disney who swear like sailors, cringe at Woolie's stories about crushed eyeballs, marvel at the visuals that were exceptional for the 90's and insult Pat's Mom.

About Edit

Halloween may be over, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have time to SPLATTER!
— Website description

Quotes Edit

Bane: Origins.
— Woolie
It's not just 'fuck', it's 'FUCK'.
— Woolie
Let's do some, like, carpentry with this fuckin' board.
— Matt
I prayed to the God Stephen Dorff.
— Matt
I'm fuckin' alpha! Do you even lift?!
— Woolie
Pat told me you have to be gentle with them.
— Liam
You play as Murder Man instead of Dracul.
— Liam
Mega Man gets power to murder?
— Liam
Yeah, Dr. Wily creates Murder Man.
— Woolie
It's like a Zelda-style introduction, it's like, 'Disgusting Creature of the Night: Pat's Mother'.
— Matt
Put a little skull condom on your dick!
— Matt
Get the literature!
— Liam
What? It gives you more time or life, or...?
— Matt
Now Rick is literate.
— Liam

Gallery Edit

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