This is an extended page of the Star Fox Adventures "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.

About Edit

Star Fox Adventures Collectible Guide #732 - "Hydoopy Plant" The Hydoopy Plant is among one of the many exotic flora and fauna found on Dinosaur Planet! An adventurer would be wise to line his pockets with these valuable plants! Why? The reasons are numerous! Far too many to go into here! But believe me, you need to collect the fuck outta this shit!
— Part one
Star Fox Adventures Collectible Guide #129 - "Gongobongos" The Gongobongos are sloth-like creatures that can be found in the treetops of Dinosaur Planet! Their fur is valuable as a good in which to trade, and smells kinda funny. The best way to kill scores of Gongobongos is to simply shoot poison gas into the trees, and catch their carcases in nets as they rain from the sky!
— Part two
Star Fox Adventures Collectible Field Guide #567 - "Slipmonip" Slipmonip is a kind of fungus that grows on a variety of things throughout Dinosaur Planet, like rocks, plants, and even on other creatures. It smells vaguely like feces, and has a sticky and gooey texture. Slippy Toad has been known to take late night shuttles down to the surface to regularly gorge himself on the fungus. Cuz that's how Slippy Toad rolls.
— Part three
Star Fox Adventures Collectible Field Guide #084 - "Amalgablablo" Amalglablablo are commonly found growing along the underside of sleepy dinosaurs. The smell loads and you don't wanna' touch 'em.
— Part four
Star Fox Adventures Collectible Field Guide #21 - "Boivenblobs" A small creatures which goes into fits of rage if you touch it's TV, the Boivenblob hates all contact with the outside world...hmm...I guess you don't really need to collect this specimen if you want to survive on Dinosaur Planet."
— Part five
tar Fox Adventures Collectible Field Guide #??? - "Hulkamanias" "Hmm, it appears as thoughe files on Hulkamanias have all been removed... I wonder why someone would want to damage our archives like that?"
— Part six
Star Fox Adventures Collectible Field Guide #408 - "Rigatonios" "This indigenous pasta-based species of bear is delicious! Fox, help collect forty of them so that my family can have a wholesome breakfast! Be careful though, if you touch the water, all the Rigatonios you're carrying will disappear!"
— Part seven
Star Fox Adventures Collectible Field Guide - #346 - "Crimson Ashen Flower" "The Crimson Ashen Flower is a exotic plant that grows far, far to the east of Dinosaur Planet. Any passerby who nears this particular flower will see all their money and valuables sucked right out of their wallets and directly into the plant's roots. It will then slowly fade out of reality. BEWARE!"
— Part eight
Website version: TBA!
— Part nine
— Part ten [PART DEUX: Electric Boogaloo]
Star Fox Adventures Collectible Field Guide #12 - "The Huuuuudge" Ew. No. No Hudge.
— Part eleven
Some of you may have previously seen this episode, as it was mislabeled "Episode 10". Star Fox Adventures Collectible Field Guide - #499 - "Furry Dick Convention" "A gag long considered to have been beaten as would be a metaphorical dead horse. Said to be derided as passé and unfunny by all but the mysterious Woolie."
— Part twelve (Originally uploaded as part ten)
Star Fox Adventures Collectible Field Guide #66 - "Duunkypoops" The wary traveler might assume these sludgy brown pellets are just random feces scattered about Dinosaur Planet, but they are surprisingly the most delicious and succulent food found in the entire ecosystem! Or they could just actually be the feces of Prince Tricky, who defecates all over the place because he's just the worst. Be careful out there!
— Part thirteen
— Part fourteen
Star Fox Adventures Collectible Field Guide #298 - "Bibblysaurus" The Bibblysaurus is considered a lower caste on Dinosaur Planet, and pretty much every other race and species hates it's guts. It's a hold-over of the scared traiditions of extreme racism that this planet was founded on.
— Part fifteen
Star Fox Adventures Collectible Field Guide #432 - "Gullygullies" The Gullygully was an ancient flying apparatus that used to roam the skies of Dinosaur Island. It was pretty cool, I guess. But they're gone now.
— Part sixteen
Star Fox Adventures Collectible Field Guide #614 - "Alan" No, seriously though Alan, how did you write this entire description in one single da
— Part seventeen
And we're out! How many eleventh hour twists and cuts are YOU prepared for?
— Part eighteen Final

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