Two Best Friends Play

Star Trek The Next Generation

Star Trek TNG Title
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Game Star Trek: The Next Generation: Future's Past
Length 33:06
Controller Pat
Upload Date Jan 3, 2016

Two Best Friends Play Star Trek The Next Generation is a one-off episode in which Matt and Pat escape Woolie and Liam's Star Trek prejudices by warping back into the sixteen bit era.

About Edit

Captains Log – Stardate 48960.9 – We’ve picked up two life-forms from an Earth-like planet, and while we can’t truly call them “intelligent” they are nonetheless enthusiastic about being on the Enterprise. Lt. Worf is still in sickbay recovering from the battle he had with that barrel.
— Website description

Quotes Edit

Picard, looking a little melty.
— Matt
I think you need to go down to the sensors and scan the Romulans.
— Pat
Worf is melting into the sex predator he turned into that one episode.
— Matt
Let's look at Riker and how many dicks he got wet. Wait, I fucked that up.
— Pat
First recipient of an artificial spine? Why was that?
— Matt about Worf
Ah, 'cause a barrel fell on him.
— Pat
Data seems to be regularly choking himself. That's what he gets off on.
— Matt
I'm not surprised that a honorless coward like you has no honor.
— Matt
Fuck me! I'm super smart!
— Pat
Geordi will still never get any. That's my opinion, Captain Picard.
— Matt

Trivia Edit


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