Two Best Friends Play:

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor

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Game Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor
Season 5
Episode 2
Length 14:46
Upload Date Jul 15, 2012
Controller Pat
Previous Lollipop Chainsaw
Next Max Payne 3
“Why am I melting?” — Pat

Two Best Friends Play: Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat try (mostly unsuccessfully) to use the Xbox Kinect to steer a mech through a battlefield. The video ends with Pat doing everyone a favor and self-destructing his vehicle, ending the game.


Kinect may not work, but it sure does make this funnier to watch.
— Website description

Intro Edit

The intro cartoon features Matt making strange robotic motions trying to get his Xbox Kinect to work while Pat slumbers on the couch, followed by the Kinect being tossed out the window.

Quotes Edit

Now you have gallons of that guy's pee in your mouth.
— Matt
Hey black man! I'm sure you're not going to be racist!
— Pat
Start jerking off! Quickly!
— Matt
[New York accent] We gotta go save New York from the Chinese! They're gonna open all sorts of laundromats and grocery stores!
— Pat


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