Best Friends Play

Stories: The Path of Destinies

Stories Title
Watch part one and part two on YouTube
Game Stories: The Path of Destinies
Episodes 2
Combined Length 1:02:18
Original Run Apr 12, 2016 - Apr 13, 2016
Controller Liam
“It was the horse who fired the Davey Crocket.” — Liam

Best Friends Play Stories: The Path of Destinies is a two-part video series in which Woolie and Liam remember history's great vulpes, sacrifice their friends for no explicable reason, and try their hardest to destroy the world.

About Edit

Woolie and Liam recount some stories, and hopefully will tread the path of destiny!
— Part one description
We must finish the path of destiny! Sure hope we find a Behelit on the way!
— Part two Description

Quotes Edit

Tell me a tale. I've wasted my life.
You're the one that's telling me the tale. I'm the kid in bed getting tucked in.
Import your gems from X Tekken into Stories.
Is that secretly a just frames system that we're looking at? Is that where we're going?
The bunny died and he smelled delicious.
I remember that ReBoot episode. It was great.
Warning: incoming nostalgia. Warning: incoming nostalgia.
Oh god. Don't watch that LP.
It was the horse who fired the Davey Crocket.
This game is reading us as we read it.
Reynardo is not Shadow the Hedgehog.

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