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Street Fighter EX 3

Street Fighter EX 3 Title
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Game Street Fighter EX 3
Upload Date Feb 12, 2016
Length 33:53
Previous Sonic Freedom Fighters 2 Plus
Next Street Fighter: THE MOVIE
“Sterile is right 'cause this game couldn't get me pregnant.” — Pat

Street Fighter EX 3 is the twenty-fifth episode of Saturday Morning Scrublords series. This week, Matt, Pat, Woolie, and Liam play the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 of the Street Fighter series as they have emulation issues on their super legit PS2.

About Edit's got Skullomania...! (Note: Game audio had to be replaced with OST)
— Video Description

Quotes Edit

Street Fighter EX 3, the back of the box says, 'Has good textures.'.
— Matt
Arial Drill Anus.
— Matt
So, this ain't your momma's Street Fighter, 'cause it's got Skullomania in it.
— Woolie
Why does his arm get big?
— Pat
Because he's Mexican.
— Woolie
Because he's Crackerjack. He's Irish.
— Matt
Vega has a cool level three.
— Woolie
What is it?
— Liam
Check the command list.
— Woolie
It looks like she's just blowing out the sharpest fart.
— Pat
They're continuing the awesome condition of having his hair clip straight through his fucking body.
— Pat
That's what Ken's about.
— Liam
Sterile is right 'cause this game couldn't get me pregnant.
— Pat


Matt 1/2
Pat 3/0
Woolie 1/2
Liam 1/2

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