Friday Night Fisticuffs

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

Fisticuffs 3rd Strike
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Game Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition
Upload Date Aug 1, 2014
Length 1:00:20
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Next TMNT Smash Up!
“You may think I'm a huge asshole for taunting three times.” — Pat
“You're only a huge asshole for counting them out loud.” — Liam

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike is the seventeenth episode of Friday Night Fisticuffs. This week, Matt, Pat, Woolie, and Liam prepare for battle as they get welcomed to the world of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike and see if, now that they're playing a game they are all experienced with, they can stop Woolie from winning nearly every match as they try to land DDT's, think about if Sean is the worst character of all time, force Pat to pick Yun, and discuss Alex never being the new Ryu.

About Edit

Simply the best.
— Website description


Welcome to the world of the best fighting game.
— Woolie
Remember, Third Strike is the best fighting game in the world, fuck you if you don't agree.
— Matt
I want this to be the most balanced back and forth Fisticuffs ever.
— Woolie
It probably won't be.
— Matt
You may think I'm a huge asshole for taunting three times.
— Pat
You're only a huge asshole for counting them out loud.
— Liam
Man, the commentary on this ones the worst it's ever been.
— Pat
Oh wow. That's a built in johns right there.
— Pat
No, but I also like Twelve.
— Woolie
It's everyone's Marvel.
— Matt
A Marvel for the people.
— Liam
A lot of "them"? Are we going there?
— Woolie
Is this gonna be every Friday!?
— Pat
But you know what? It's the truth. There's a lot of "them" playing the game. They love it, but also the others.
— Woolie
There needs to be a Canadian Street Fighter so bad.
— Pat
Yes, the demand is just... nuts.
— Liam
All the difference is made with just the tip, Pat.
— Matt
Every boy and girl should grow up to become good at Third Strike.
— Pat
Only then will you get to where you need to go in life.
— Matt
So now that Naruto is about to end, I see you picked up on Bleach.
— Pat, to Woolie
I think we all have the vapors.
— Matt

Wins/Losses Edit

Matt 4/6
Pat 11/3
Woolie 7/6
Liam 1/8

Letter Time Edit

There was no Letter Time this week.

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