Two Best Friends Play:

Street Fighter III 3rd Strike (Bloopers/Outtakes)

3rd Strike Bloopers
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Game Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition
Length 7:51
Upload Date Sep 11, 2011
Controller Competitive

For the Machinima episode, see Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Online Edition.

“I think this guy actually knows how to play.” — Pat
“Oh, we should probably rage quit then.” — Matt

Two Best Friends Play: Street Fighter III 3rd Strike (Bloopers/Outtakes) is a bloopers episode in which Matt and Pat debate on whether or not giraffes have mail, beat up a 14 year old girl, embrace their inner Goku, and explode heads with a red Calvin Klein model.


10, 9, 8, 7, 6 - We enter the new world of Blooper Fighter III! Let's Fight, NOW!
— Video Description


Stop looking at me like that! You're preparing me for failure!
— Pat
It's gonna turn my T.V. into an arcade cabinet?
— Matt
There's also gonna be that guy hanging around trying to sell you drugs by your T.V.
— Pat
You're like a ninja turtle and Hulk Hogan combined.
— Pat
Girls can be manly. Your mom is a good example.
— Pat

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