Street Fighter The Movie: WTF Happened?

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Game Street Fighter: The Movie
Length 9:52
Date Feb 26, 2012
Next More DLC for Street Fighter X Tekken?
Previous It's Skullgirls baybee!
“Now you see the difference between us.” — Woolie

Street Fighter The Movie: WTF Happened? is the eighth episode of Fighterpedia, where your newscasters Matt and Woolie look into the clusterfuck that was Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game, eventually devolving into an all out knowledge battle between the two.

About Edit

Woolie and Matt reach deep into the sphincter of time and force you to remember Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game.
— Video description


Up next, on Fighterpedia: Which well known EVO champion sleeps nude in an oxygen tent, which he believes will grant him sexual powers?
— Matt
Not unlike an eighteen wheel monster truck jack knifing through downtown school zone, Street Fighter: The Movie is a gruesome sight that commands your attention.
— Woolie
— Woolie
Sawada is Fei Long! Fei Long is Sawada!
— Matt
But was it really well recieved? Yes it was. Or was it?
— Matt
Slam master throws, a.k.a. counter-counter-counter throws.
— Woolie
All hype boners immediately softened! The end result was something that no one would spend a single Bison dollar to play.
— Woolie

Gallery Edit

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