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Street Fighter X Tekken

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Game Street Fighter X Tekken
Upload Date Oct 16, 2015
Length 1:03:03
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Next War Gods / Mace: The Dark Age
“We sacrificed all ourselves to give you guys more videos on the clock.” — Matt

Street Fighter X Tekken is the nineteenth episode of Saturday Morning Scrublords series. This week, Matt, Pat, and Woolie welcome Liam back to the show by laming it out with the king of lame fighting games. In order to make their slog through this mess a little more bearable, Woolie prepared everything to best suit the tastes of the combatants.

Number of crashes: 2

Number of lame wins: 4

About Edit

We shouldn't have crossed the line.
— Video Description

Quotes Edit

Okay, say what you will about this game...
— Liam
And we will.
— Matt
Nude mods is the nature of PC games.
— Liam
On the select screen, it's Hwa-rahng.
— Woolie
It's How-Wrong you are.
— Matt
I'm black. That's my gimmick.
— Matt
Weel, he's the boss. Of course he's Woolie's main.
— Pat about Ogre
Don't let people know that I am any good at this.
— Pat
Lariats should just win all the time. Should be able to do lariats forever and just win.
— Pat
In fact, there should be no hit box on a lariat.
— Woolie
Japanese hair is very blobby. We saw it while we were there.
— Pat
He's a beloved cameo, but we don't want him around. He's like grandpa.
— Woolie about Haggar
It's a disappointing game, not a bad one.
— Woolie
Not quite a nude mode, but gets me where I need to go to. With Goku.
— Matt
Or just a big wiener. Like a Daytona USA car where the balls are the hands.
— Pat
We sacrificed all ourselves to give you guys more videos on the clock.
— Matt


Matt 0/4
Pat 1/4
Woolie 6/1
Liam 5/3


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