“It looks like a Street Shark! Look at that Street Shark!” — Matt
“Stop talking about Street Sharks!” — Pat

Street Sharks was a fledgling, short-lived 90's cartoon which was based on a gang of half-man, half-sharks roaming the streets above ground creating mischief, being essentially poor man's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Matt for some unknown reason brings this cartoon up quite a bit and loves shoehorning it into episodes, much to Pat's dismay.

In episode twenty-one of the Deadly Premonition playthrough Matt reveals he has purchased the DVD box set of the Street Sharks series after someone showed him it on their Facebook page. This infuriated Pat, who said it would be playing on the television when he goes over to record. In the IT BEGINS (holiday game buying season!) video, Matt is watching Street Sharks.

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