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Strider 2

Strider 2
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Game Strider 2
Length 46:33
Upload Date Feb 19, 2014
Controller Woolie
Previous Strider NES
Next Strider Clones
“I wanna grow up to be a little penguin Strider.” — Matt

Strider 2 is the third episode in the Strider Week series. In this video, Matt and Woolie play a copy of the rare 2.5D Strider PS1 sequel that they got from a local mom-and-pop store.


Matt and Woolie take you on a mini-marathon of Strider and Strider related video games! Watch with awe as we play the obscure, but nonetheless official sequel to the original Strider!
— Video Description

Quotes Edit

Does anyone remember wire frame models? I don't.
— Matt
Chris Benoit is the president of future Hong Kong.
— Matt
Why is there a tiny cow?
— Matt
Don't worry about it.
— Woolie
That's alright. No one's watching. Just me and Zach.
— Matt, after Woolie dies
Shadow of the Colossus almost. Strider did it first.
— Matt
Look at this guy. Look at this chuckle fuck over here.
— Woolie
It's really hard to do science when you're fucking upside down twenty-four seven.
— Matt
Did you know if you show Pat a lobster, he freaks out and cries like a bitch?
— Matt
I wonder what's gonna be on the Facebook all this week?
— Woolie
I remember in an issue of Wizard magazine, they said a Young Blood game was in development, but then it wasn't when the developers realized they're working on a Young Blood game.
— Matt
It's almost as if they should make a new one, and bring it back from the dead.
— Woolie

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