Strider Week

Strider 2014

Strider 2014
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Game Strider
Length 1:06:12
Upload Date Feb 21, 2014
Controller Woolie
Previous Strider Clones
“What would you classify this as?” — Matt
“Art.” — Woolie

Strider 2014 is the fifth and final episode of the Strider Week series. In this video, Matt and Woolie play the brand new, remimagined, sequel version of Strider.


Woolie and Matt check out the sick new Strider game that just came out!
— Video Description

Quotes Edit

How do you advance scarf technology?
— Woolie
Meio, he's mayo. He's king of the sandwich.
— Matt
When the master of your universe creates statues like that, you should probably reconsider your place in life.
— Matt
Flying dragon bring presents to all kids of Khazak.
— Woolie with a Russian accent
I thought the eagle was gonna help Strider rub his junk all over the Meio statue.
— Matt
All citizens are to not leave power ups for cyborg ninjas around the city.
— Woolie with a Russian accent
Matt's African accent has no place in Strider.
— Matt
Vegetables don't have to get Metacritic ratings.
— Woolie
Fine, fuck it, a game like this, but you're Samurai Pizza Cats.
— Matt

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