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Game Strider
Length 30:10
Upload Date Feb 17, 2014
Controller Woolie
Next Strider NES
“You can do it Strider. You can show everyone you're the best ninja, mercenary, assassin, stealth guy. It's so unclear what you are.” — Matt

Strider Arcade is the first episode in the Strider Week series. In this video, Matt and Woolie look at all the awful Strider box art, and play the original arcade version.


Matt and Woolie take you on a mini-marathon of Strider and Strider related video games! Watch with awe as we show you bad boxarts and play the original Strider Arcade game!
— Video Description

Quotes Edit

Now, over the years though, he's been through some shit.
— Woolie
He's been through more shit than anyone's ever thought about.
— Matt
I've seen one or two weird, weird things that I don't feel comfortable talking about.
— Matt
The ancient ninja techniques I know, of just waving my sword around.
— Matt
Get wrecked Ton Pooh! You don't know what the fuck a quarter is!
— Woolie
Strider can never pass our... drills on sticks. That we placed in inconvenient locations.
— Matt
Ah, fuck. This is embarrassing.
— Woolie, after jumping straight into a pit.
The cave women in the club are just talking about how big dick Strider is coming to town.
— Matt
This is the most bullshit section of the game. I can't really talk.
— Woolie
Okay, well, I'll talk. I've been doing that for three years straight.
— Matt
I'd love to make a video game where everything I drew on my trapper keeper became a boss.
— Matt

Gallery Edit

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