Strider Week

Strider Clones

Strider Clones
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Game Strider II, Run Saber, Moon Diver, Osman
Length 49:35
Upload Date Feb 20, 2014
Controller Matt and Woolie
Previous Strider 2
Next Strider 2014
“This seems like another convoluted Double Dragon situation.” — Matt

Strider Clones is the fourth episode in the Strider Week series. In this video, Matt and Woolie suffer through the terrible Strider sequel by U.S. Gold, a super difficult rip-off by Atlus, a not great spiritual successor, and then watch footage of a second, much better, Atlus clone.


Matt and Woolie take you on a mini-marathon of Strider and Strider related video games! Watch with awe as we show you the good and bad games that tried to evoke the essence of Strider over the years!
— Video Description

Quotes Edit

That is Genesis malarkey. Just pure nonsense.
— Matt
Are you suggesting that the master game developers at U.S. Gold didn't know what they were doing?
— Matt
He returns though. It's not the same guy, but he returns.
— Woolie
Just game over already! The moral game over has already happened.
— Woolie
If you think you've got the license, you've got it.
— Woolie
Cactus dildos. They're not very practical.
— Matt
Cause you were like, 'Yo! Four player Strider!', and I'm like, 'That sounds really good, until you start to think about it'.
— Matt
It feels like we're in Casino Zone.
— Matt

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