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Strider Week 2
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Game Strider
Length 26:56
Upload Date Feb 18, 2014
Controller Matt
Previous Strider Arcade
Next Strider 2
“The often neglected, barley remembered, Strider for the NES.” — Matt

Strider NES is the second episode in the Strider Week series. In this video, Matt and Woolie play a part Metal Gear Solid, part Megaman NES port of Strider based off the manga.


Matt and Woolie take you on a mini-marathon of Strider and Strider related video games! Watch with awe as we play the weird but neat version of Strider for the NES!
— Video Description

Quotes Edit

I have to find the Undertaker's brother.
— Matt
Bet you when he woke up he didn't think he was gonna get Cyphered in the taint.
— Woolie
No one expects a Cypher in the asshole.
— Matt
Strider hallucinates. Fucking drugged out Strider.
— Woolie
I want a t-shirt that says 'I left my attack boots in China'.
— Matt
Remember when all the pharaohs installed all these secret elevators?
— Woolie
I remember when Ric Flair did that.
— Matt
Well, that's a Strider game I guess.
— Woolie

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