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SuperBarfBarfBarf At Barfmail Dot Barf

Show Notes 107
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Length 3:16:46
Date Aug 25, 2015
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“I wanna be in the time where kids are learning about Sonic Dreams Collection and going, 'This changed everything.'.” — Matt

SuperBarfBarfBarf At Barfmail Dot Barf is the episode 107 of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

This one weird trick will net you over 200 Amiibos instantly! Nintendo HATES it! Click here to find out how!
— Podcast description

Quotes Edit

I love Garou as much as any pet.
— Matt
If there is anything more Lovecraftian than hitting a dude in the nards, I don't know about it.
— Matt
Of course Pikachu is Heihachi.
— Pat
Confiscating and breaking copies of Melee at the door.
— Woolie
Watch me Let's Kill. Like, subscribe.
— Matt
Did you deflate my copy of Madden?
— Pat to Tom Brady
You thought you knew how to use a ruler but you didn't know shit.
— Woolie
The best teachers are the sloshed ones.
— Matt
Guess what? This painting was about boobs!
— Matt
I wanna be in the time where kids are learning about Sonic Dreams Collection and going, 'This changed everything.'.
— Matt
I remember someone saying they watched until Berserk episode twenty and they go, 'Does everyone die?' and I go, 'Nope. They're all fine. In fact, some people come back!'.
— Matt
It's the best Sonic game since Colors.
— Liam

Letter Time Edit

Q: What's the worst class you've had to take? from Victor

  • Matt: Economics and Technical Drawing
  • Pat: Typing class in grade nine 'cause it was on typewriters
  • Woolie: Research Statistics and Entrepreneuring
  • Liam: Spanish

Q: Have you ever unspoiled a spoiler for someone else? from Vasquez

  • Matt: I had to lie about a birthday gift before.
  • Pat: Yes, consistently.
  • Woolie: Yes.
  • Liam: I've never had to.

Q: What's your favorite first level music? from George Moore the First

Q: Cast a Street Fighter character in a romantic live-action comedy. from Mason

  • Matt: Blanka, Fifty First Dates.
  • Pat: Ethan Eagle in a remake of You've Got Mail. Who am I kidding, the perfect choice is Dan.
  • Woolie: Claw going through his dates every week.
  • Liam: Skullomania in The Notebook.

Q: Matt, do you have a favorite episode of Broken Pixels? from Andrew

Q: How much did you know about Sonic Dreams Collection before recording? from Kevin D.

  • Matt: I booted it up on my computer, went to my roommate Sonic, got to Eggman watching you from a window and said, 'This is good.'.
  • Woolie: I clicked on a link Matt sent and saw a creepy Sonic sex thing.
  • Liam: I saw pictures of you sitting on the couch with Sonic and heard there was a character maker.

Zaibatsu Watch Edit

  • Matt: Until Dawn.
  • Pat: PAX 2016 and Until Dawn.
  • Woolie: New Splatoon stage.
  • Liam: PAX 2016 and Until Dawn.

Trivia Edit