SBFC 020

Super Best Christmascast

Show Notes 20
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Length 2:37:04
Date December 24, 2013
Previous Voltron Runs on Hepatitis
“So, in the spirit of Bing Crosby, let's all...” — Woolie
“Beat our kids.” — Pat

SBFC 020: Super Best Christmascast is the twentieth episode of the Super Best Friendcast.


Nothing but good vibes and fuzzy memories from the Zaibatsu. Seasons greetings to you and yours, folks.
— Podcast description


I read a metric fuck ton of letters.
— Woolie
That's good and bad. You didn't get a creepy jaguar, but you also didn't get an actual jaguar.
— Pat
If you wouldn't answer the question yourself for seventy thousand people, odds are we're not going to do it.
And I was like, "Shut up Grandma!". That was a precious Christmas moment.
Eradicated by Jesus.
— Woolie
Stocking stuffers are exclusively a white privilege.
— Woolie
Now Woolie, I'm gonna throw your presents in the water, and you gotta fish them out.
— Liam
Christmas is now fucker! Check your calander!
— Woolie
Miracle on 34th Street sucks! If you like it, come at me, cause I'll fight you!
— Pat
Your weeaboo thing is lamer than my weeaboo thing.
— Matt
Woolie started his own Street Fighter religion.
— Pat
Go obscure if you're gonna steal.
— Pat
You know what? Fuck it, we're bringing it back!
— Matt
We're reclaiming Japanimation!
— Woolie
Are you sure it's not Grenadamation?
— Liam
Can you see my balls?
— Woolie
Playing with people? Super sad. Playing by yourself in a dark room? Coolest guy.
— Matt
I'm checking NeoGaf to palette my cleanse.
— Pat
Context not required.
— Woolie
I'll form the dictator.
— Liam

Letter TimeEdit

Q: What is your favorite Christmas movie? - from Colin

  • Matt - Home Alone and Home Alone 2, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
  • Pat - Best: A Wonderful Life, Favorite: Die Hard
  • Woolie - Tokyo Godfathers
  • Liam - The Nightmare Before Christmas, Home Alone, Jingle All the Way

Q: Have you gotten a gift in your youth that you still have and cherish to this day? - from Johnny

  • Matt - 80's Godzilla toy
  • Pat - Aliens and Exosquad toys
  • Woolie - Warthog Nerf gun
  • Liam - Gameboy Micro, blanket knitted by Grandmother, Cabbage Patch doll

Q: What is your favorite Christmas game or Christmas themed level? - from Jessie

  • Matt - Winter Animal Crossing
  • Pat - "You're the Inspiration" Elite Beat Agents level
  • Woolie - Dreamcast Dec. 25th main screen
  • Liam - Winter Animal Crossing

Q: Would you consider special moves (i.e. Ryu's Hadoken) to be magic? - from Griffon

  • Pat - He's not casting something, he releasing something from inside himself
  • Woolie - If your source of power is Ki, it's not magic

Q: What's a game or t.v. series where you thought the side character was more interesting than the main character? - from Andy

  • Matt - Couldn't think of an answer
  • Pat - Zero from Megaman X
  • Woolie - Seth from Lost Odyssey
  • Liam - Everyone over Vann and Penelo from Final Fantasy XII

Q: What was your first anime you can remember? - from Melvin

  • Matt - Ninja Scroll
  • Pat - Tekkaman Blade, Dragon Ball, Evangelion
  • Woolie - Ronin Warriors, Locke the Superman
  • Liam - Card Captors, Spirited Away, Digimon Tamers

Q: Do you like playing Co-Op games, and which ones do you like? - from Dennis Mac

  • Matt - Yes, Snow Bros
  • Pat - No, except for Monster Hunting games
  • Woolie - Yes, New Super Mario Bros
  • Liam - No, except for Monster Hunting games

Q: - from


  • The thumbnail art was done by Sparrowmittens.
  • The fourth question, asked by Griffon, was taken from an episode of Bombcast, as stated by Pat. They decided to answer this one, but request people do not take questions from other shows and send them in.
  • The music used in the outro is the Title Theme from The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker HD.