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“I didn't know that I had saved up enough cool points in my life to cash them in on podcast success.” — Pat

The Super Best Friendcast is a weekly podcast hosted by Woolie, starring him, Matt, Pat and Liam. Each episode begins with what each person did that week, and then segueing (usually poorly) into discussion about video game and pop culture news, followed by answering questions from fans, ending with the "Zaibatsu Watch", briefly informing what they've individually been stalking that week, as well as giving brief cliff notes of what to expect in the upcoming days on the channel.

The Zaibatsu also answers questions every week during the "Letter Time" segment, which can be submitted to Updates on when new podcasts are posted can be found on Woolie's Twitter @WoolieWoolz.

The podcast is hosted at The iTunes page is located here.

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Occasionally. guests will also appear on the show. A majority of the episode will take place as usual, without the guest, and the guest will be introduced later. Guests have included Dork Girl, FilthieRich of Double Helix Games, Maximilian, Audi Sorlie from Wrestling With Pixels and Guy Cihi, voice of James Sunderland from Silent Hill 2.


  1. This is Gonna be Terrible.
  2. The Feel of a Podcast
  3. My Snake Have Started to Move
  4. It Can’t Have All Been For Nothing
  5. Pure Scumbag Tactics Are The Only Way To Win
  6. Nothing Good Ever Comes In A Bucket
  7. Tequila In One Hand, Katana In The Other
  8. The Feel Bad Show of The Century
  9. You Can't Have a Bath Without Candles
  10. Aryan Resurrection
  11. Superman’s Bulge Needs to be Made Off-Model
  12. We Gotta Get Back to Space!
  13. Never a Good Day with Swamp-ass
  14. Escalate Immediately to Gun Violence
  15. How Hath God Blighted Pat This Week?
  16. You Can’t Push Baby Murder for SummerSlam
  17. Today Is All Your Birthdays!
  18. Dickbutt was a Spiderman Villain
  19. Voltron Runs on Hepatitis
  20. Super Best Christmascast
  22. What does the Doug button do?!
  23. Birthing Scars in Glorious 4K
  24. Steve Buscemi is a Zora
  25. Smegmaman is the Worst
  26. Drenched in Liam Milk
  27. The Time You Got Punched In The Dick
  28. High Tension, High Stakes Brazillian Pog Butts
  29. You can’t Rubber-fist because of Reasons
  30. No More Dutch Rudders
  31. Butthurt Nuns are Totally a Thing
  32. Richard Simmons is the Final Boss
  33. Everybody's Yawning
  34. Sploosh it back to Life
  35. GIFs are for Chodes, WEBM is for Big Dick G’s
  36. The Atomic Purple House
  37. The Man-Train Needs to be Tightly Knit
  38. Not Safe For Life
  39. Buttered Poopers have a lot of Groundswell
  40. The Good Stuff comes from the 3rd Ass-chamber
  41. This Ain’t your Grandpa’s Sex Toy
  42. Dickswole? I like dat!
  43. Too Much Weiner Slappin’
  44. Don’t Share the Wad
  45. Kangaroo Meat is a Well Deserved Comeuppance
  46. You Are Now Breathing Manually
  47. It's All Downhill From Here
  48. That’s not a Baby, That’s a Pile of Syringes
  49. Living in the Database
  50. PJ Phil is becoming Shang Tsung
  51. Goichi Podcast
  52. Nonstop Infinite Podcast
  53. Did Matt Die In Cuba?
  54. This one is the Personacast
  55. Cut out the Middleman, Just Fuck the Wig
  56. Live from PAX: Nonstop Infinite Ass Dumping
  57. What’s the Coolest Name for a Pet Raven?
  58. Tears are the only Lubrication
  59. Dont’ Even Talk About Mpreg
  60. I used the Bidet Button
  61. There’s a Skeleton Inside Each of Us, Waiting to Burst Out
  62. Time Ethics Do Not Exist
  63. That Deer just did an Aegis Reflector
  64. The Big Booty Swat Kat Party
  65. Gilbert Gottfried Plays Hatoful Boyfriend Full LP
  66. You Won't get it unless you've seen “Too Many Cooks”
  67. Hatin’ on the Amish
  68. Underwater Racism
  69. We are all Waluigi
  70. God Supports Straight Shota
  71. Teri Hatcher is a Kamen Rider
  72. A Christmas Without Senpai
  73. North Korean Kayfabe
  74. A Lifetime of Close Calls
  75. Chickens are Noble Creatures
  76. Why is Pat's Coffin filled with Human Fecal Matter?
  77. The Sleepy MAGcast: Cranky Takahata’s Eruption
  78. Panty-raiding the Langzone
  79. Sneaky Stab Attack at the Start of the 2nd Round
  80. I don't think Moolie means what you think it means
  81. Platinum Games has been bought out by Platinum Games
  83. The Beard Doesn't Move Very Much, But When It Does, You'd Better Listen
  84. Should I Stop Masturbating?
  85. Syringes filled with Corn Syrup


  • Super Best Friendcast! was chosen by the iTunes editorial staff as one of the best podcasts of 2013 and 2014.
  • The favicon for was the ReBoot logo, before the URL was moved to the new website.

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