Super Best Friends Skyrim Mod

Super Best Friends: Skyrim Mod is a mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, made by jpdoctor117, in which the player can recruit Pat, Matt and Woolie in the town of Riverwood. All three of them are fully voiced by the Best Friends.

The mod can be downloaded on Steam Workshop and the Skyrim Mod Nexus.


  • Matt's weapon of choice is the infamous Fire Axe.
  • Each of the best Friends is to have a special ability, such as Matt's AM-ERI-KUH dragon shout and Pat's INVISIBLESSED ability.
  • Each of the followers react to their surroundings and have their own unique dialogue.

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Video Edit

Super Best Friends in Skyrim Release Trailer01:03

Super Best Friends in Skyrim Release Trailer

Preview trailer for Super Best Friends in Skyrim

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