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Super Best Friends Stream
“We're making dick jokes over Demon's Souls no matter what.” — Woolie

Super Best Friends Stream is a series in which the Best Friends Zaibatsu plays games live on Twitch. Originally created as a solution for the faltering Nuzlocke run, it was announced on January 18, 2016 that they would be streaming on a consistent basis, starting on the 31st of that month.

Their Twitch channel can be found here: Archived footage can be viewed on their website:

Series Edit


  • When the streams get archived to the website and YouTube, they are edited down to just the gameplay segments and exclude things like breaks and reading donation messages.
  • Some of the streams are titled "Shitty Games Done Slow". This is a pun on the popular charity event Awesome Games Done Quick.
  • In in episode one-hundred and thirty-six of the Super Best Friendcast, “This is the Only One I’m Ever F**king Doing”, Pat stated that all streams follow LP rules and any game started will be finished, eventually.
  • Occasionally, Woolie and others will do "Secret Streams" that aren't announced on YouTube/Facebook/Twitter. These are almost never archived, with only one having been uploaded to YouTube and the website.

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