Super Best Friends in Skyrim

Balrog Fight

Balrog Fight
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Uploader Jpdoctor117
Upload Date May 6, 2013
Length 1:16

Super Best Friends in Skyrim: Balrog Fight is an episode in the Super Best Friends in Skyrim series by jpdoctor117.

Description Edit

In this exciting episode, our heroes Matt, Pat, and Woolie take on the Demon of Ancient world, Balrog. They trade blows in the snowy mountains of Skyrim when suddenly, Matt sends the beast flying with his AM-ERI-KUH dragon shout. The three charge in, and they continue fighting. Balrog attacks, but they only make Pat laugh. Again, Pat shouts, slamming Balrog into the side of the mountain, killing it.

In the aftermath of the battle, Pat continues to laugh.

Gallery Edit

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