Super Best Friends in Skyrim

Pat's Resi Adventure

Pat's Resi Adventure
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Uploader jpdoctor117
Upload Date Jun 4, 2013
Length 3:00
“You know, Skyrim's cool and all, but part of me wishes I was just playing Resident Evil 2 again.”

Super Best Friends in Skyrim: Pat's Resi Adventure is an episode in the Super Best Friends in Skyrim series by jpdoctor117.

Part OneEdit

Part one starts during a dark, stormy night in Whiterun. Inside of Dragonsreach, Matt and Woolie are doing the "Thriller" dance with the castle servants behind them. Outside, the undead stalk the shadows. Inside of Breezhome, Pat sits on his bed and thinks about Resident Evil 2 before going to sleep. When he awakes, he is wearing the Racoon City Police Department uniform....

Gallery Edit

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