Super Best Friends in Skyrim

Ultimate Battle

Ultimate Battle
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Uploader jpdoctor117
Upload Date May 9, 2013
Length 3:03
“Let's do this shit for America.” — Matt

Super Best Friends in Skyrim: Ultimate battle is an episode in the Super Best Friends in Skyrim series by jpdoctor117.

Description Edit

In the episode, our heroes Matt, Pat, and Woolie face almost certain death as they take on the army of the dead. Walking down a lonely road in Riften, the Best Friends halt and brace themselves as they see an army of undead in the distance. Upon seeing this sight, Matt rallies his allies, and they slowly march toward certain doom. As the battle unfolds, the three members of the Best Friends Zaibatsu fondly remember their past adventures.

Trivia Edit

  • The music used is from The Chronicles of Narnia.

Gallery Edit

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