Super Best Friends in Skyrim

Xenomorph Battle

Xenomorph Fight
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Uploader jpdoctor117
Upload Date May 8, 2013
Length 1:34

Super Best Friends in Skyrim: Xenomorph fight is an episode in the Super Best Friends in Skyrim series by Jpdoctor117.

Description Edit

In this exciting episode, our heroes Matt, Pat, and Woolie hunt down some Xenomorphs. Wandering through the icy wastes of Skyrim, the Best Friends are ambushed and scrambled by a wild pack of Aliens. They are separated, and must now fend off the bugs alone. Flanked by no less than three Xenomorphs, Matt uses his AM-ERI-KUH shout to clear a path. Though Woolie fights valiantly, he is knocked down, and the aliens move on to their other prey.

All hopes seems lost. Suddenly, a Jerry the Predator jumps from atop one of the nearby stone pillars. This Predator turns the tide of the battle, taking all of the aliens on with his glaive. Faced with four Xenomorphs, Matt lends aid to Jerry with his dragon shout, which sends all four of the aliens off a cliff, killing them.

Gallery Edit

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