Super Best Friends vs Montreal Comic Con!

Super Best Friends Vs Montreal Comic-Con 2013
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Length 12:49
Date Sep 18, 2013
Next Montreal Comic Con 2014
“Why is Undertaker fighting Satan!?” — Matt

Super Best Friends vs Montreal Comic Con! is a video featuring the Super Best Friends Matt, Pat, and Woolie attending the 2013 Montreal Comic Con. Whilst there, they make fun of Kevin Nash, argue about which franchise has the better vehicle, make money from comic books, talk to Slenderman, and do other general nerdy things.

About Edit

Matt, Pat and Woolie troll the Montreal Comic Con! Thanks to all the friends and fans who we met along the way!
— Video description

Quotes Edit

It should just be First Blood: Part Rambo.
— Pat
They're subjecting kids to it!
— Pat, referring to Beyond: Two Souls
All right, we got Liam corner, or Liam town, or as I like to call it, go to jail.
— Matt
Why is Undertaker fighting Satan!?
— Matt
— Matt
— Woolie

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