SBFC 120

Super Bunny Dumps

Show Notes 120
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Length 04:01:17
Date Nov 24, 2015
Guest SuperBunnyhop
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“I would love to listen to someone pissing themselves. No, wait. I take that back.” — Pat

Super Bunny Dumps is the one-hundred and twentieth episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

The Metal Gear Solid V spoilercast. (Starts at 2:36:32)
— Website description


The Canadian super government has killed our peasant uprising.
— Pat
If our sponsors don't pay us in giant novelty cheks, we don't take them.
— Woolie
You can fly around Alfheim and blow butterfly kisses at your sister. It's great.
— Liam
Let me ask you guys a question. Is Lisa the Painful RPG a good game?
— Pat
It’s a good game.
— Woolie & Liam
And Undertale’s a good game.
— Pat
Undertale’s a good game.
— Woolie
So neither of them are very much like Earthbound then.
— Pat
— SuperBunnyhop
I would love to listen to someone pissing themselves. No, wait. I take that back.
— Pat
In their attempt to be non-offensive, replacing a Native American character with cowboys is maybe not the best angle to go at it.
— Pat
New Vegas was great.
— SuperBunnyhop
Not for Obsidian. They almost went bankrupt.
— Pat
But the rest of us are fine.
— SuperBunnyhop

Letter Time Edit

  • There were no questions in the Letter Time this week as it was cut short by the Metal Gear Solid V spoilercast.

Zaibatsu Watch Edit

  • SuperBunnyhop: I'm fucking off for Thanksgiving.

Trivia Edit