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Game Super Mario Maker
Combined Length 1:27:37
Original Run Oct 5, 2013
“It's trickier than it looks as all of our viewers open Mario Maker and beat it in one go.” — Liam

Super Best Friends Play Pacific Rim is a Super Best Friends Play episode in which Matt, Pat Woolie, and Liam play through twenty-one fan created levels and get Playstation logos up their assholes, attempt to instigate saltiness, challenge Bowser for the World Title, watch Woolie murder a football team, fall deep into the Woolie Hole.

About Edit

Watch as the Super Best Friends Super fail at all you Super fan-submitted levels! Thanks so much for all your submissions!
— Video description

Quotes Edit

I didn't realize this was a competition.
— Matt
Everything in this world is a competition.
— Pat
Ice blocks? In my ghost house?
— Matt
When he said he worked it out he meant he did nothing and thought that he worked it out in his mind.
— Pat
Now I'm at two, Matt's at zero, and Woolie's at negative one.
— Pat
No one's gonna judge you if you don't do it super fast.
— Woolie
I will.
— Pat
This is the newest Mega Man game. You're playing it live.
— Liam
I forgot. I'm not right unless Liam tells me I am.
— Matt
Evangelion 4.0 Waluigi Cannot Advance.
— Liam
It's trickier than it looks as all of our viewers open Mario Maker and beat it in one go.
— Liam
Did he switch over to Mario? Is this a button check?
— Matt
I would rather nobody take out a phone and me and Woolie and Matt all get blown the fuck up.
— Liam
Every loss here makes him a better DPS in FF14.
— Liam about Dreyfuss
I wonder if Nintendo will cancel this level before it comes out?
— Matt about the P.T. level
Man, those Dry Bones getting a ton of work done today. A skele-ton.
— Matt
So end score is Pat minus six, Matt three, and Woolie five.
— Liam
And Liam plus one million. So you're gonna have to sing the hoedown.
— Pat

Levels playedEdit

Level name Creator Completed By
Bowser's Bastille Jo Pat
Midnight Visit Game2590 Matt
Carry the Shell Giggitross Liam
Wobbly Wiggler World Samuel No one
Dangerous Temptations - Treasure Dave Matt
Wrestle Kingdom Alfredo No one
Waluigi's Unbearable Existence Kris Woolie
Grand Fleet Jeff Woolie
Go for the Touchdown! ✰WILLINK✰ Woolie
Molten Keep Bailey Woolie
Grand Spooky's House of Spooks Jeff Liam
Pat's Nightmare Dreyfuss No one
Super Kaiju Battles Zanji Matt
Hear, See, Taste, Smell, Touch Jeff Woolie
familiar? but spooky rin Pat
Kong Country At0mic Woolie
P.T. Player One Pat
Battle Royale McGruff Woolie
No Gimmicks Mario Level... Cthultist No one
Welcome to the Woolie Hole AggroWill Pat


  • Due to some issues with the recording, the video cuts to black for a few seconds several times.

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