Friday Night Fisticuffs

Super Smash Bros.

FNF Smash Bros
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Game Super Smash Bros.
Upload Date Nov 7, 2014
Length 59:38
Previous Terrordrome / Darkstalkers
Next Super Smash Bros Melee

For the Super Best Friends Brawl episode, see Super Smash Bros.

“You can't come back from turning into Tom Green.” — Pat

Super Smash Bros is the thirty-first episode of the Friday Night Fisticuffs series. This week, Matt, Pat, Woolie, and Liam play the The Lego Movie of fighting games as they walk in front of the T.V., summon Kamina to battle, discuss Smash items in EVO, have their mascot and theme song stolen, and taste the fantastic blue flavor.

About Edit

Time to get b-b-back to the basics. With bullshit items.
— Website description


And Taboo is the father trying to take your toys away.
— Woolie
And Crazy Hand is your dickhead older brother.
— Pat
So Liam busted my fucking toilet, two days ago.
— Pat
You're not gonna win anyway.
— Pat
Says the loser of all Brawls.
— Matt
Look how broken you are you delicious, delicious child.
— Pat
It's no longer Kirby it's ours. We appropriated it.
— Liam, about "Green Greens"
Well we use it a hell of a lot more than Nintendo has.
— Pat
The video game equivalent of taking your ball and going home is kicking the console into a reset state.
— Pat
That's basically what this channel is. You said penis.
— Matt
The empire we built.
— Woolie
Every time we run into a mom and her kid at a con, we're just like, "Why? How do you allow this?"
— Pat, on kids watching TBFP
Why did you take Ness?
— Matt
“'Cause, I'm not taking my main or I'll just win.
— Liam
Did you know everyone in the UK is a liar? That's how they got the criminal Australians on the boat.
— Pat
(Entire Donkey Kong Country theme song)
— Woolie and Matt
To be fair, this is barely a video game.
— Matt
Oh is it?
— Liam
Yeah, it's true. That's the lore I was pushing for a couple years.
— Matt
Art intimidates life.
— Matt
Luigi versus Jigglypuff is weird because we really want to touch each other.
— Woolie
Luigi's not the type of character that's like, "The cops put me in jail everyday because I killed that pussy."
— Matt
Matt told me this when the 3DS XL came out. I bought a blue 3DS because I'm a boy, and then Matt said, "Yeah, well I bought a red 3DS because I'm a man."
— Liam
You can't come back from turning into Tom Green.
— Pat
I grew up in Montreal and my dad told me that Mario Lemieux played for the fucking Penguins, and he's awesome, and he grew up in Philebard (?) where Delalo's is, and that burger is delicious, and I don't wanna hear you talk fucking shit about... what am I talking about?
— Pat
That's when Pat throws ebola at children so they can't escape.
— Matt

Wins/Losses Edit


Matt 2/7
Pat 4/5
Woolie 0/9
Liam 3/6


Woolie and Matt 2/0
Liam and Pat 0/2
Matt and Liam 0/1
Pat and Woolie 1/0

"One Vs. One"

Matt 1/1
Pat 0/1
Woolie 0/1
Liam 2/0

Letter Time Edit

There was no Letter Time this week.

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