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Super Time Force

Super Time Force
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Game Super Time Force
Length 45:20
Controller Matt, Liam, Pat, and Woolie
Upload Date May 14, 2014
“This is basically 'play Contra three times at once'.” — Matt

Super Best Friends Play Super Time Force! is a Super Best Friends Play episode in which Matt, Pat, Woolie and Liam take to the streets of 198X as they save Jef Leppard, shoot bio-slime, break through the heavens, and save the dinosaurs from extinction.

About Edit

The Super Best Friends travel backwards to the future to play a Xbox 360/Xbox One video game they already played an hour ago from now!
— Video description

Quotes Edit

This really feels like you wrote it, Matt.
— Pat
You have sixty seconds and thirty times outs and when you run out of those, well fuck you.
— Matt
His breath is a hit box.
— Woolie
The feel of Jeff Gerstmann.
— Matt
Our commentary over our commentary.
— Matt
You can't 'Soup Kitchen' with two people.
— Matt
You need a car.
— Woolie
Cause I was like 'fuck it, I have too much time'.
— Liam, when asked why he jumped over extra time
This is basically 'play Contra three times at once'.
— Matt
Bees are Woolie's weak point.
— Matt
There's no time.
— Pat
“'C'mon Bill Nye, stop being a nark and doing science?
— Liam
Don't think about what you're doing, don't not think about where you're going to do.
— Matt


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