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Length 1:25:14
Upload Date Dec 24, 2014
Previous Liam's Super Best Top Ten of 2013

Super Worst Top Ten of 2013 is the last (and longest) of the Best Friends' five Top Ten games of 2013 videos, which were released during the second to last week of December 2014.

About Edit

There was some good stuff in the mystical year of 2013. But there was just as much garbage juice leaking out of gaping maw of the year as well! Let's point and laugh!
— YouTube description

Worst Top Ten Edit

Quotes Edit

Aliens: Colonial Marines, this game is literally a crime, literally a crime. It was made with borderline stolen money and is a lie, the game is just a collection of lies.
— Pat
Randy Pitchford's a magician, he looked in your wallet, and all your money was gone.
— Matt
Randy Pitchford lied to you to commit crimes.
— Pat
The game's really racist too, which we usually give a pass to when it's funny racism, but it wasn't.
— Mat, on Fighter Within
Dark, if you don't remember us playing this, it's 'cause we never did.
— Matt
I somehow got this far without seeing a single screenshot or trailer of lococylce, I've never played it and I don't know what it looks like [giggle blooper cut]... My only exposure is walking by a kiosk at the Microsoft booth at E3 2012, in which no one was having any fun.
— Pat
Ride to Hell is the only game that I can think of, right now, in this list that I can characterize as 'offensively bad'.
— Pat
None of these games are in any particular, sort of actual, ten down to one list, they're all really bad. Except I lied, 'cause Ride to Hell is the worst kind of shit.
— Matt
It offends me, everything about it; it stole Brutal Legend's art style, but makes it shittier. It's creepy, the story doesn't make any sense, you explode for no reason in your motorcycle race. The first thing you do in this game is a turret sequence, the very very first you touch the controls in a badass outlaw, like Americana style, game is a turret sequence against someone. I remember us dying on that turret sequence.
— Pat, on Ride to Hell: Retribution
And you may be thinking, "Wait a second, you guys just put this in your worst games list, how could it also be disappointing?" Well, fuck it, it deserves it.
— Pat, on Beyond: Two Souls

Trivia Edit

  • The 'worst of' honorable mention goes to Final Fantasy: All the Bravest.

Gallery Edit

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