Two Best Friends Play:


Superman Returns
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Game Superman Returns
Season 7
Episode 10
Length 10:31
Upload Date Jun 16, 2013
Controller Matt & Pat
Previous Remember Me
Next Mortal Kombat Komplete
“Fuck Superman! If Superman was doing his job then Detroit wouldn't need Robocop.” — Pat

Two Best Friends Play: Superman is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat fuck the ground, bring up Peter Parker's radioactive semen again, discuss how Superman didn't give a fuck when Lois Lane was fat, headbutt the city, and pull off sick combos on the popo.


In honor of the terrible new film, Man of Steel, we’re playing a terrible Superman game!
— Website description



Superman, you suck. I hate you!
— Pat
Did you guys know how big my dick is?
— Matt
Lex Luthor is a wedging salt shaker in his butt crack and just shaking it all over the city.
— Matt
Superman is barely Robocop.
— Matt
If you like cyclops, I don't like you.
— Pat
It feels like a Kryptonite condom.
— Matt
The problem with making a game around a guy that can do anything is that that's stupid.
— Matt
Why am I butt humping the air?!
— Pat


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