Shitstorm V: Shitsurrection


Sweet Home Thumb
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Game Sweet Home
Controller Pat
Length 32:45
Next F.E.A.R
Previous Haunted House Cryptic Graves
“I'm gonna wisp that evil doll with my big dick knife.” — Pat

Sweet Home is the twenty-fourth episode of Matt and Pat's Shitstorm V: Shitsurrection special.

About Edit

"Oh! These horrible terrible people are in MY home! What are they doing here? Trying to steal my frescos, are they? Of course they are! They want my paintings, and my secrets and my my dignity! But they will not get it! What they'll get is an army of my dark servants, impeding their every move! Craving their every drop of blood! Hungry for their every scrap of flesh! Muhahahaha! I will send cursed dolls! And um...lots of wisps! And a bunch of worms! They will never be able to beat such an army! Oh! Lest they forget about my falling chandeliers! They form the lieuntenants of my wicked forces of the damned! MUAHHAHA! They will rue the day they ever entered into my SWEET HOME! *insane cackling intensifies*
— Video description

Description Edit

In this episode, Matt and Pat go back to where it all began as they battle evil sex dolls, wispy bitches, bad Jesus frescoes, and Indigo Prophecy chairs.

Quotes Edit

Kamiya's mansion. This mansion is filled with Windex.
— Matt
And Gatorade.
— Pat
What's going on? Why'd that ghost talk shit to us?
— Pat
Fuck that doll up motherfuckers.
— Pat
Just keep fucking her.
— Matt
I'm gonna wisp that evil doll with my big dick knife.
— Pat
Now you have wood. Now we all have big wood.
— Pat
And you said vacuum was stupid for bringing a vacuum.
— Matt
It is stupid.
— Pat
For someone that talks about being a huge coward, you don't run away as much as you should.
— Matt
Skeleton key. Dada dada dadada dadadada.
— Pat
The quality of this seizure is very bad.
— Matt

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