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Game Sword Art Online: Lost Song
Length 45:02
Controller Pat
Upload Date Feb 10, 2016
“#justcousinthings.” — Liam

Best Friends Play Sword Art Online Lost Song is a one-off episode in which Pat and Liam visit the incest laden, fantasy world of their favorite MMO as they kill thousands with Diablo 3, rub chest beefers on Kendo sticks, create a leveling bell curve, and think of ways to trick Woolie into watching this trash.

About Edit

Liam and Pat take a quick look into the future they oh-so longingly desire.
— Video description

Quotes Edit

It says 'Sword Art' but in Japanese it actually says, 'Berserk: Fo' Reals, Fo' Sho.
— Liam
And then it says, 'Gatsu is how to pronounce it.'.
— Pat
How do I fill up all the points to bang Suzu?
— Pat
Man, look at all these graphics. It looks just like my Japanese anime.
— Liam
Captain Janeway comes to help Kirito win the great tea race.
— Pat
Luckily they don't need to see it anymore 'cause it's just a road to disappointment.
— Pat about Metal Gear Solid V's ending
.hack// did it better anyway, I think.
— Liam
Imagine all the shit that Diablo 3 got for it's bad internet launch. Imagine if Diablo 3 killed four-thousand people, you wouldn't be so excited for the sequel to Titan Souls.
— Pat
— Liam
It's like a tube of mayonnaise. Just squeeze the fun all over the place.
— Liam

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