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Length 2:19:09
Date Sep 21, 2016
Guest Austin Creed (aka Xavier Woods)
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“We didn't invite you on this podcast so you could cut a promo against the concept of dogs.” — Pat

TITANCRIMES is the one-hundred and sixty-third episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

Austin Creed aka Xavier Woods of UpUpDownDown tries to makes sense of the giant mistake that is the Super Best Friendcast.
— Website description


We're recording this on a BRAND NEW DAY!
— Matt
That's awful.
— Pat
That's terrible. We need to stop now.
— Liam
I'm gonna go out on a limb and say nobody wants soggy cereal.
— Woolie
Well, Woolie, get ready for all the emails next week, you bastard.
— Pat
Back in the day, when we were small potato shitties, we used to think that people listened to our podcast but now we've moved on to the new era of knowing no one listens to this podcast and when a guest comes on, we just say, 'Oh, this joke is old. Please ignore it.'.
— Pat
I feel like I'm watching a dumpster fire.
— Austin Creed
Yes! Yes yes yes! You got it!
— Woolie
You've identified our aesthetic.
— Liam
I ask you again, what does the Black Otaku Council decide?
— Pat
We have meetings.
— Woolie
About what?
— Matt
Best waifu.
— Woolie
I want Ippo not 'I poop', Google.
— Pat
We didn't invite you on this podcast so you could cut a promo against the concept of dogs.
— Pat
When I was young, I never met a girls' father.
— Pat
Did you meet a girl, because that's a prerequisite.
— Liam
We all know what the number one app for VR is gonna be... Mahjong.
— Pat
They look like Super Soakers turned into Power Rangers.
— Woolie
Oh no, I nailed my dick to these train tracks. What am I gonna do?
— Pat
Here comes some dumb shit said by our listeners.
— Pat
Captain Crunch may as well be blades.
— Liam

Letter Time Edit

Q: What's your favorite anime trope? from Santiago

  • Matt: When someone says something dramatic to you, you reach out their hand and say their name and then put your hand back down.
  • Pat: Using the OP theme for an end game scene.
  • Woolie: Using the OP theme for an end game scene and any time there is a rival.
  • Liam: Super aggressive time skips.
  • Austin Creed: Investing in the best friend so he can die and make the hero stronger.

Q: What games that have lives do you think would benefit from an infinite checkpoint respawn or vice-versa? from Jayere

Q: Are there any foods that are better when you aren't hungry, just as a snack? from Fernando

  • Matt: English muffins
  • Pat: Ice cream
  • Woolie: Ice cream
  • Liam: Most snack foods

Q: What is the best soundtrack/OST title? No "Fear is the Mind Killer" from Rez. from Unknown

  • Matt: "DK Jamz", "Killer Cuts" from Killer Instinct
  • Pat: "Roar of the Earth" from Shadow of the Colossus
  • Woolie: "Roar of the Earth" from Shadow of the Colossus
  • Liam: I don't really know soundtrack titles.
  • Austin Creed: I don't know titles either.

Q: What is your dream game to add to the EVO line up? from Shadow NepNep

Zaibatsu Watch Edit

  • Matt: Nothing
  • Pat: Nothing
  • Woolie: Nothing
  • Liam: Nothing

Trivia Edit