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TMNT & Gundam Wing

FNF TMNT Gundam Wing
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Game TMNT: Tournament Fighters and Gundam Wing: Endless Duel
Upload Date May 23, 2014
Length 57:15
Previous Unleash Your Fisticuffs to Save the Earth!
Next Tekken Tag Tournament 2
“Ask your local fighting game doctor.” — Pat

Friday Night Fisticuffs - TMNT & Gundam Wing is the seventh episode of Friday Night Fisticuffs.This week, Matt, Pat, Woolie, and Liam take a class in Pain 101 in which they drink tasty Mutagen, watch mutant flies pop hype boners, fight Street Sharks, remain salty over 'Frieza Defeated', beat people with shields, and avoid talking about Gundam Seed.


This week, the classic SNES throwback! Tournament Fighters and Endless Duel, the original "HOLY SHIT WHY ARE THESE ACTUALLY GOOD" fighters!
— Video description


That wasn't just a moral victory, that was a real victory.
— Pat
If this game came out nowadays, they'd have Vanilla Ice DLC.
— Woolie
There's so many chips, Mr. Nabisco helped out on this game.
— Matt
Shredder didn't input that into this game!
— Matt
What's with the incredibly well defined dick areas on all the characters?
— Pat
Hey, c'mon. Sometimes...
— Matt
If I was friends with a kid, and went over to their place, and they always had the codes unlocked to play as the characters, I wouldn't be their friends anymore.
— Pat, on TMNT boss characters
Fuck my ass, geez!
— Pat
Just because we live on Earth, fuck you!
— Liam
Ask your local fighting game doctor.
— Pat
For the first half of the first battle, I thought I was on the other side of the screen and I thought 'Why isn't Pat doing anything?'
— Liam
Fuck you, Pat! Fisticuffs for real!
— Liam


TMNT: Tournament FightersEdit

Matt 1/4
Pat 1/3
Woolie 7/1
Liam 2/3

Gundam Wing: Endless DuelEdit

Matt 0/4
Pat 3/4
Woolie 6/0
Liam 2/3

Letter TimeEdit

Q: Woolie, what do you use for your hair? from Liam

  • Vidal Sassoon, because I'm worth it.

Q: What fight stick would you suggest for someone with moderate to severe nerve damage in their hands? from Speechless Squid

  • Try one out somewhere first, if you can.

Q: Do you guys feel that the AI is cheating when it reads the players inputs? from Stefan

  • It's the very definition of cheating and the absolute most disgusting thing ever!

Q: What do you think determines whether a move is broken or fair? from Kyle

  • It's a case-by-case situation. A character can have a really good move if everything else about them sucks.

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