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TMNT Out of the Shadows

Turtle Week 4 Title
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Game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows
Length 37:03
Upload Date Aug 7, 2014
Controller Matt, Pat, Woolie, Liam
Previous Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (GBA)
Next TMNT Smash Up!
“If we were really the Ninja Turtles, oh god, Shredder would have killed us.” — Pat

TMNT Out of the Shadows is the fourth episode in the Turtle Week series. In this video, Matt as Leonardo, Pat as Raphael, Woolie Donatello, and Liam as Michelangelo take a tour of the Turtle's lair, skeeve on April, discuss turtle vices and fight the greatest enemy of all, game breaking bugs.


We crawl out of the shadows to look at one of the latest turtle games! It's a bumpy ride, dudes!
— Website Description

Quotes Edit

This game has super slick menus... and that's about it.
— Matt
And that's how a ninja runs. Doing it Naruto style!
— Matt
Surely a turtle will be the next Hokage.
— Liam
That weird stop sign with tires around it, just do Dante shit off of it.
— Matt
Get hyped for being a turtle!
— Woolie
The dream is dead of fart gas.
— Matt
Fart gas wasn't a dream.
— Pat
It was to me.
— Liam
He just takes his dick out and smears Shredder's helmet, and then puts it back on the shelf and he's like, 'Yeah, this'll do him in.'
— Pat, about Splinter
And Shredder's like, 'No! The deadliest technique! I never thought you would stoop so low Hamato Yoshi.'
— Matt
See, Vanilla Ice remains canon.
— Pat
Have you ever walked down the street sideways? You look awesome.
— Liam
What would all of their horrible vices be?
— Pat
Raphael, alcohol and strippers.
— Matt
Mike would just do drugs.
— Woolie
Donnie would just be like...
— Woolie
Oh! Porn on the internet.
— Matt
Leonardo sniffs things. I don't know why, that just came to my mind.
— Matt
Downloading unforgivable porn.
— Matt, about Donatello
That's the best porn.
— Liam
Law doesn't apply to turtles, guys.
— Woolie
If we were really the Ninja Turtles, oh god, Shredder would have killed us.
— Pat
Imagine if your life was in a genre, but you didn't know what genre it is.
— Woolie


  • Matt mentions that the "Get Hyped" graffiti seen at the start of the game was placed there by a fan of the Best Friends who worked on the game.


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