Friday Night Fisticuffs

TMNT Smash Up!

FNF Smash Up
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Game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Smash-Up
Upload Date Aug 8, 2014
Length 55:05
Previous Fisticuffs - Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

Turtle Week - TMNT Out of the Shadows

Next Fisticuffs - Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate

Turtle Week - TMNT Tournament Fighters/TMNT KINECT

“If you learned everything about it, you could have a little bit of fun.” — Woolie
“I need to learn more 'cause I'm not having fun now.” — Pat

TMNT Smash Up! is the eighteenth episode of Friday Night Fisticuffs and the fifth episode of the Turtle Week series. This week, Matt, Pat, Woolie, and Liam dine on turtle soup in a semi-Smash Bros fighting game as they get eaten by alligators and sharks, lament the failings of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, spike themselves of stages, do sick grab tag outs, look through the Jpeg viewer, and fail to complete any shooting range challenges.

About Edit

FNF x Turtles Week!
— Website description


Is it a vase or a baby with weird arms?
— Pat
This food poisoning is pretty awful, but I could have died so I guess it's okay.
— Pat
If you learned everything about it, you could have a little bit of fun.
— Woolie
I need to learn more 'cause I'm not having fun now.
— Pat
My favorite ninja turtle, Shredder.
— Liam
The only way to win is to not play at all.
— Liam
Again with the 'Ruh Roh'. We're not playing a Scooby Doo fighting game.
— Matt
Liam, why don't you tell everyone where they can find that FAQ you wrote.
— Woolie
On this game? In my trash can.
— Liam
That implies you wrote it!
— Pat
When people play tournament Smash Up, this is probably how they do it.
— Matt
Knowledge means nothing if you suck.
— Pat
Bullshit items in this game are bullshit.
— Pat
Pat got hit by something, we're not sure what it was.
— Matt
It's a god damn mystery.
— Pat
That's the type of fighting mechanic you need.
— Matt
Just like Quan Chicken would have done.
— Matt
Silver Surfer all over again.
— Matt

Wins/Losses Edit

4-Way Melee

Matt 0/7
Pat 1/6
Woolie 3/4
Liam 5/2

Letter Time Edit

There was no Letter Time this week.


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