Mystery Box #022

Tearaway Unfolded

Mystery Box 22 Title
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Game Tearaway Unfolded
Length 33:14
Upload Date Nov 11, 2015
Controller Pat
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Next Mystery Box - Episode #023
“I just spent way too long drawing a dick on this squirrel's head.” — Pat

Tearaway Unfolded the twenty-second episode of the Mystery Box series. In this episode, Pat and Liam play one of Sony's worst selling first party, avant-garde, Vita to PS4 ports as they murder lots of children and slam dunk squirrels.

About Edit

It's a mystery!
— Video description

Quotes Edit

Boy I feel bad throwing this game in the Mystery Box...
— Pat
Sony Entertainment presents game they can't sell no matter what.
— Liam
But they threw this game in the Mystery Box for us.
— Pat
I was recently told by the missus that my fly is down almost every day.
— Pat
I don't know what this game is about. Other than not selling.
— Pat
Do I use stylish combos?
— Pat
Yeah, absolutely. You press square to pick stuff up, and you press square to throw stuff at them.
— Liam
Drown this child. Put the bag over his head and waterboard away.
— Liam
That's what the Mystery Box is for.
— Liam
It's about misery.
— Pat
It's like a wiener.
— Pat
It's like a paper wiener.
— Liam
You slap it down and it pops right back up.
— Pat
I just spent way too long drawing a dick on this squirrel's head.
— Pat

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