Turtle Week

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (GBA)

Turtle Week 3 Title
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Game TMNT (Game Boy Advance)
Length 39:28
Upload Date Aug 6, 2014
Controller Matt, Liam
Previous TMNT Turtles in Time
Next TMNT Out of the Shadows
“Now I need a mini-me to come along and fuck a unicorn.” — Pat

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (GBA) is the third episode in the Turtle Week series. In this video, Matt as Leonardo, Pat as Raphael, Woolie Donatello, and Liam as Michelangelo moonlight as Gypsy Danger, collect call the Foot Clan, put wigs on Vern Troyer and improve their S-Ranks as they play the only good version of this game.


We crawl out of the shadows to look at one of the latest turtle games! It's a bumpy ride, dudes!
— Website Description

Quotes Edit

So Ubisoft got the license and they made a version for everything. PS3, 360, Wii, Xbox Original, whatever...
— Matt
And they were all pretty bad.
— Liam
AAA always had the highest score at my local arcade.
— Pat
I'll back kick you! Fuck you Mail Office!
— Matt
You're an animal, you're allowed to beat up other animals.
— Liam
So you pick up the phone, and you talk into it, and you realize the phone booth is a ninja.
— Pat
The Foot would never accept the charges.
— Woolie
No downside, except for the bit where you get beaten up by turtles.
— Liam, on joining the Foot Clan
Did you know most major U.S. cities are controlled by packs of roving, wild dogs?
— Matt
No oozification without representation.
— Pat
There's fucking S-Links in this?
— Woolie
Ralph walks into the bathroom, 'Yo, I should hang out with myself today.'
— Woolie
By Plague you mean you looked in a mirror.
— Matt
And saw my dong was half the length of my body?
— Pat
So it's two inches long?
— Liam
Now I need a mini-me to come along and fuck a unicorn.
— Pat
Dora and Boots doing infinite dead combos to Swiper.
— Pat


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