SBFC 007

Tequila In One Hand, Katana In The Other

Show Notes 7
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Length 2:23:27
Date September 24, 2013
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“How could my Sailor Scouts possibly be this pregnant?” — Pat

SBFC 007: Tequila In One Hand, Katana In The Other is the seventh episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

The Best Friends are just yucking it up this week as Pat rages HARD about the fate of Atlus, and we reflect on TGS, Hiroshi Yamauchi, Diablo 3′s Auction House, SteamOS, Evil Within, and the Bayonetta anime.
— Podcast description


Don't throw something at Weaver!
— Pat
I lasted an hour before I just fell asleep watching us play Heavy Rain.
I feel like a magical wonderful puppy that came from Japan!
— Pat
How could my Sailor Scouts possibly be this pregnant?
— Pat
Motivate yourself to play Vanquish.
How do you fuck up Pac Man? That's like fucking up toast!
— Matt
I fully endorse the concept of rip off Dark Souls.
— Pat
Who the fuck's from Canada, right!?
There was at least one zip zap.
— Liam
Every slow jam in my life has resulted in disaster that has scarred me for the future.
— Pat
I hate music. If you're like music, you're dumb.
— Pat
Remember, we travelled thousands of miles to go the Montreal comic-con last week.
— Matt
Don't date teenagers.
— Liam
L block forever, winner of my heart
— Pat

Letter TimeEdit

Q: What's the stupidest day one buy of your life? from Philip

  • Woolie: Final Fantasy: All the Bravest
  • Liam: Cross Edge
  • Pat: Indigo Prophecy and a PS3 to play Final Fantasy XIII
  • Matt: Sonic 4 Episode 2

Q: Merchandise ideas for you nerds. Can we get a shirt that says "Pie, cheat, steal"? from Ryan

  • That's pretty good.

Q: What's a really good slow dancing song? from Kyle

  • Liam: "Rules of Nature"
  • Woolie: "Across 110th Street" by Bobby Womack
  • Pat: "Fly me to the Moon"

Q: What's the worst hairdo you've ever had? from Cookin'

  • Liam: I recently got my hair straightened.
  • Woolie: I had to gel back my fro, with Kanji style hair.
  • Matt: I got a mushroom cut when I was kid.
  • Pat: I always got it cut short.

Q: What game do you think would make for a good TV show? from Versatile

  • Matt: The Last of Us
  • Liam: The Wonderful 101
  • Pat: Mass Effect
  • Woolie: Asura's Wrath

Q: Why do neither Pat nor Matt have their driver's licence? from Cameron

  • None of us do. We live in a city with an amazing subway system.

Q: What do you guys think would be awesome characters for the new Smash Bros.? from Fancy Lad

  • Matt: Little Mac
  • Pat: Bayonetta
  • Liam: Bayonetta
  • Woolie: Wolf Link and Midna, Custom Robo, AT from Battle Clash, Ridley, Magnus from Kid Icarus, Little Mac, Saki from Sin and Punishment, Dylan from Rolling Western, and Tetra.

Q: Did you pick as a domain name so people wouldn't accidentally type from Coco

  • Yeah, no.

Matt WatchEdit

This week, Matt was stalking Liam, who kept putting Asura's Wrath in his Wii.