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Teri Hatcher is a Kamen Rider

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Length 02:32:32
Date December 16, 2014
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“Wedding Ruining 2015, the event! We'll have to bring some fucking dragon dildos.” — Woolie

Teri Hatcher is a Kamen Rider is the seventy-first episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

Capnews is outta control! Sony Picture’s pants are down! Harada is bodying fools on twitter, and clickbait is alive and well.
— Podcast description

Quotes Edit

It's not even you guys that do all the work, it's just your ears.
— Woolie
You open up the Uber app, you tap the button...
— Woolie
Is there a black guy button?
— Pat
Las Vegas is run by the taxi mafia.
— Woolie
I've heard a lot of people like' "Yeah! The Babadook, the Babadook!"
— Matt
Is is a Howard Stern monster?
— Woolie
Nothing is scarier than fucking stop motion animation.
— Matt
Things in real life that have a lower frame rate than you.
— Woolie
Hey you guys, now it's up to us to figure out how to ruin his wedding.
— Pat
Weeding Ruining 2015, the event! We'll have to bring some fucking dragon dildos.
— Woolie
Tomb Raider is in running for "Good-Ass" game of the year.
— Liam
Lara Croft is super serious in both games, like she usually is, but everyone else is fucking banana clown shoes.
— Matt
Then I bought two brand new PS2 controllers for one-hundred and fifty dollars from Hong Kong...
— Pat
This is the sounds of mania. You're hearing mania right now.
— Woolie
What was it I threw at work into the garbage can? Your phone! It was your phone.
— Liam to Woolie
I only have one friend that listens to this podcast. Ah fuck! I need to get better friends.
— Pat
I didn't even know classic Dante skin was in the game to begin with because I played the game and threw it in the garbage.
— Matt
I'll stop booing Ninja Theory at events if this game comes out good... no I won't!
— Pat
Tell about when Charlie puts his glasses on and then right afterward he put's on Q's mask and hat.
— Pat
Breaking news on the podcast, four years late.
— Liam
Please don't send pictures of anyone 'cause it's weird you guys would have pictures of us.
— Matt

Letter Time Edit

Q: Have you ever encountered an anime or game where you really dig the premise, but the art style makes you turn away? from Anfurney

  • Matt: It's usually the reverse
  • Pat: Dust: An Elysian Tail
  • Woolie: In my days of ignorance, Dark Souls
  • Liam: Dust: An Elysian Tail

Q: What game do you think had the best behind the scenes? from Brian

  • Matt: The Eyes of Bayonetta
  • Pat: Portal
  • Woolie: The Eyes of Bayonetta
  • Liam: Portal, DoubleFine Adventures

Q: What are the must have games for the Wii U? from a bunch of people

Q: Name drop a comic/manga that hasn't been mentioned on the podcast before. from Joe

  • Matt: Fuck it, "Peach Girl"
  • Pat: "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure"?
  • Woolie: "Beck", "Angel Densetsu"
  • Liam: "Bakuman", "Biomeat", "3X3 Eyes"

Q: What defines a game? from Tanner

  • You need to be able to win or lose. You must be able to interact with things and have a goal.

Zaibatsu Watch Edit

  • There was no Zaibatsu Watch this week.

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