Terminator Week Part #2

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Terminator Week Part 2 Title
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Game Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Length 27:42
Upload Date Jun 30, 2015
Controller Liam; Matt
Previous The Terminator (Sega CD)
Next Robocop vs Terminator
“If the fucking T-100 could turn into an autoblow, I think we'd all feel very differently about our lives.” — Matt

Terminator 2: Judgment Day is the second episode in the Terminator Week series. In this video, Matt and Liam play the inferior Sega Genesis version of an already terrible game as they visit young John Connor's favorite biker bar, apply non-fatal chest bullet wounds to waitresses, look at tons of shite graphics, and get their fat Terminator ass stuck on an escalator.


Diary of Kyle Reese - March 1st - 2029 Everyday I dream of her. Her determination. Her headband. Her dog. So cute. I really hope her son, my commander....John Connor, wasn't an annoying smarmy 13 year old in 1991. Oh man, I'd be so pissed.
— Website Description

Quotes Edit

So Schwarzenegger punched this guy twice and he got up. Now even if non-Terminator Schwarzenegger did that, I'd be a little suspicious.
— Matt
Future. Get the future. Liam!
— Matt
Everyday I tell myself I miss licensed games because now they're all just on mobile, and then I play one of these everyday just to remind myself.
— Liam
Oh man, you took a lot of buckshot to your Terminator ass.
— Matt
Maybe the pistol counts as a shotgun.
— Matt
T-1000 confirmed for best waifu.
— Matt
If the fucking T-100 could turn into an autoblow, I think we'd all feel very differently about our lives.
— Matt
You can kill Jell-O with a shotgun real easily.
— Liam
Why would the fucking cops are shooting when there's a kid? Oh, wait, they're cops, of course.
— Matt
That's their M.O. Shoot kids. Hey, there's a black kid, extra points.
— Liam


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