Terminator Week Part #5

Terminator 3: The Redemption

Terminator Redemption Title
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Game Terminator 3: The Redemption
Length 42:47
Upload Date Jul 3, 2015
Controller Liam
Previous Dawn of the Rise of The Machines of Fate
Next Rise of The Rock Em' Sock Em' Robots
“Acquire cash. Disregard hos.” — Matt

Terminator 3: The Redemption is the fifth episode in the Terminator Week series. In this video, Matt and Liam go shopping for Terminator dominatrix outfits, declare Boyz II Men to be overrated, punch old lady Helena Bonham Carter in the face, turn corpses into guns, and send a Terminator back in time to steal KFC's chicken recipe.


Diary of Kyle Reese - April 29th - 2029 "I've seen Terminator units rip a man in half. I've seen them punch holes through walls like they were paper. They've taken the full force of a frag grenade in the chest, and still drag their carcasses along to eliminate their target. But now I've seen then drive a hearse while floating in mid-air outside of the entire vehicle. Is this war even worth fighting anymore?"
— Website Description

Quotes Edit

The Terminator move rights are the most confusing thing in the world.
— Matt
Didn't we own the movie rights for a little while, along with Double Dragon?
— Liam
You know we're playing the Gamecube version because these FMVs look like shit.
— Matt
They sent another Terminator in the past specifically to get the leather gear.
— Liam
If he had walked into a sex shop, as long as it fits, he would have taken it.
— Matt
Acquire cash. Disregard hos.
— Matt
This is like The Wheelman with Vin Diesel, but you have a better actor.
— Liam
You know when you finish making love and the other person goes, 'That had a certain charming jank to it.'?
— Matt
What is it in anime and movies and games, when you carry a coffin, you're automatically the coolest motherfucker in the world.
— Matt


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