Terminator Week Part #6

Terminator Salvation

Terminator Salvation Title
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Game Terminator Salvation
Length 44:35
Upload Date Jul 4, 2015
Controller Woolie and Matt
Previous Rise of The Rock Em' Sock Em' Robots
Next Terminator Genisys Review
“Look mom, my girlfriend is juttering through the floor. Isn't that marriage material?” — Matt

Terminator Salvation is the seventh episode in the Terminator Week series. In this video, Matt and Woolie drag each other through the seven circles of game testing Hell as they take tons of plasma rounds up the ass, cause a Hunter-Killer to self-terminate, steal their textures back from Skynet, and abandon John Connor's tight butt on the battlefield.


Diary of Kyle Reese - June 2nd - 2029 "One of our scouts reported back; he had plasma burns on his chest and was bleeding out. Hard. Before he died, he said how he was able to sneak into Skynet's headquarters, and saw things. Impossible things. Cups, chairs and windows. And a giant image of a scraggly-haired woman with a bad English accent. This...this...can't be real."
— Website Description

Quotes Edit

I could have saved this for Week of Woolie.
— Matt
But you didn't. You're sick and sadistic and you needed my suffering now.
— Woolie
Alright what's our run? What's our run. Woolie, help me. You designed this.
— Matt
It apparently has a scene where Blood Moongood or whatever just flashes her titties at somebody. At a Terminator? To distract it?
— Matt
That brand new spankng T-800 was Roman Reigns and they're trying to get everyone out of his way. Look how cool this guy is!
— Matt
If you're not wearing two-thousand degree sunblock when the nukes drop, you're not gonna be complaining about this no-clip bug!
— Matt
I wish I could have shown you the database when this thing shipped. I wish I could.
— Woolie
You were living in it.
— Matt
Don't you think this rag-tag group of people, cut from all corners from the world, would have really racist names for these robots?
— Matt
Look mom, my girlfriend is juttering through the floor. Isn't that marriage material?
— Matt
That's the main guy, Shaved-Head Battleman.
— Woolie
Are we really supposed to believe that Skynet would kill some sort of magic robot xylophone? Man, I sure hope Helena Bonham Carter was fired for that one!
— Matt


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