Friday Night Fisticuffs Halloween

Terrordrome / Darkstalkers

FNF Halloween
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Game Terrordrome, Darkstalkers Resurrection
Upload Date Oct 31, 2014
Length 1:14:56
Previous Galaxy Fight / Waku Waku 7
Next Super Smash Bros
“We're not playing X Tekken here. That's the real scary game for Halloween.” — Pat

Terrordrome / Darkstalkers is the thirtieth episode of the Friday Night Fisticuffs series and a Halloween special. This week, Matt, Pat, Woolie, and Liam play the most evil laden game in existence in which they do knife hand shoryukens, argue over Saw spoilers, discuss future DLC, and give a synopsis on Twilight. Later on they play Capcom's monster mash fighter as they visit the most Halloween stage ever, "use" their personal donuts, reminisce on the Mummies Alive! intro, and question Dan's overall coolness.

About Edit

Jason vs Felicia? Freddy vs Anakaris? Only the fevered dreams of a madman!
— Website description


This is probably the most illegal game we'll ever play on here.
— Matt
We had to go to Australia to play it.
— Pat
Just looking at the title screen gets you a lawsuit.
— Woolie
Ah! My mom came out!
— Matt
Jason lames it out!
— Matt
Like a true horror villain.
— Woolie
We're not playing X Tekken here. That's the real scary game for Halloween.
— Pat
If I ever get to meet Laurence Fishburne, I'll shake his hand and be like, "Man, I loved you in The Dream Warriors."
— Pat
No, tell him that you love his daughter's work.
— Woolie
What always bugged me about it, and I know I'm talking about Hollowman like it's a good movie...
— Pat
Why would anyone do a dropkick while holding a running chainsaw?
— Matt
No one will entertain me and watch Pumpkinhead with me. My fiance won't watch it, my girlfriend won't watch it, you won't watch it...
— Matt
Because it's terrible! Wait, does your fiance know about your girlfriend?
— Pat
Just let the balls do all the work.
— Matt
I just want to play as Monster Blood. Is that too much to ask?
— Liam
Does that mean the pedophile werewolf was a dream too?
— Woolie
Sasquatch! The only Canadian Capcom fighter.
— Woolie
When have you ever stuck your dick in something bad?
— Liam
In a world with I, Frankenstein, you're all wrong.
— Liam
Stay tuned for our full watch.
— Matt
You want a bad night? Try sleeping on the Fetus of God.
— Matt
Does that mean you're fighting in the uterus of God?
— Pat

Wins/Losses Edit


Matt 1/4
Pat 3/3
Woolie 4/2
Liam 3/3


Matt 0/5
Pat 6/0
Woolie 4/3
Liam 2/4

Letter Time Edit

There was no Letter Time this week.

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