SBFC 048

That’s not a Baby, That’s a Pile of Syringes

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Length 2:30:10
Date July 7, 2014
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“So if you just want to hear us spitballing about punching Macy Gray into a bucket of of mayo, listen to the whole podcast.” — Pat

That's not a Baby, That’s a Pile of Syringes is is the forty-eighth episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

It’s a gloomy grey day outside, but we’re here to cheer you up Best Friends style! From Megaman’s corpse to cancelled awesome games to bankrupt game devs, we’ve got you covered!
— Podcast description

Quotes Edit

So if you just want to hear us spitballing about punching Macy Gray into a bucket of of mayo, listen to the whole podcast.
— Pat
Can't it be kind of sunny with clouds, and not hot at all and snowing?
— Pat
Why can't the entire Earth have a nice, neutral temperature?
— Matt
When I was a little kid, I was taught that Toronto was the enemy!
— Pat
Anime trip pop screamcore mashups.
— Liam
PS4, seven knobs on the controller.
— Liam
If you see someone's who's 180, he's probably Hitler.
— Pat
AssJuiceSupreme messages me all the time!
— Pat
I don't like not knowing things I never not got!
— Matt
Ann Coulter, my favourite rubber glove stretched over a skeleton.
— Matt
Tweets are like buttholes. They only have 140 characters in them.
— Pat
You think you can beat that's dressed like Necro, that's playing Necro?
— Woolie
Do you think you have the confidence to beat a man willing to play a fighting game tournament with his nipples out?
— Pat

Letter Time Edit

Q: Parries or combo breakers? from Tristan

  • Pat: Parries
  • Woolie: Parries
  • Liam: Parries
  • Matt: Parries

Q: Am I the only one who would love it unironically if Dusty Rhodes did commentary full-time? from Shaun

  • NO! No, you're not!

Q: What tiny details do you just adore in video games? from Solaire

  • Pat: Unique weapon models in RPGs
  • Matt: Damaged character models
  • Woolie: Character intros
  • Liam: Perfect reload animations

Q: You guys are always wearing video game t-shirts, what do you guys dress like in real life off-camera, and where can we get these shirts? from uncredited people

  • This is what we wear all the time, and we get them from Shark Robot, Red Bubble and Ebay.

Q: How do you fix the problem of fight stick wobble? from Winchester

  • Stop moving. Your inputs don't have to be that strong.

Q: If you could Superman punch any celebrity into a large vat of any substance, what would it be and who? from Dos of the Combine

  • Woolie: Macy Gray into a big vat of mayo.
  • Pat: James Hetfield into a vat of pyrotechnics.
  • Matt: Shia LaBeouf into a vat of nothing.
  • Liam: Gackt into fire.

Q: Dashing in video games. I know you fuckers like dashing. What are your favourite dashes? from Nick

  • Liam: Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow and Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance
  • Matt: Sabrewolf's dash in Killer Instinct.
  • Woolie: Thunder's dash in Killer Instinct.
  • Pat: The dash in Mega Man X combined with the dash wall jump move, and Bayonetta's panther run.

Q: Have you ever considered doing your content in French since you're all around the Quebec area? from Eric

  • No, our French is terrible.

Q: I just got my hands on a Dreamcast, what games should I keep an eye out for? from Andrew

  • Project Justice, Elemental Gimmick Gear, Skies of Arcadia, Space Channel, Choo Choo Rocket,

Q: Have you ever seen a show or an anime that peaked too soon for you? from Lucas

  • Pat: Sword Art Online
  • Liam: Sword Art Online
  • Woolie: Watch the first scene of the Gatchaman movie, and then turn it off.
  • Matt: Stop watching Tiger Mask after the first fight.

Q: What were your high school graduation quotes? from Chris

  • Matt: "Every time I paint a portrait, I lose a friend."
  • Woolie: A Japanese quote my dad used to say.
  • Pat: I don't have my yearbook, my mom found it and I took it and dumped it.

Zaibatsu Watch Edit

  • Pat: Sword Art Online
  • Liam: Glasslip
  • Matt: Gravity Falls

Trivia Edit

  • The outro music for this episode is Turn Down For Whammu?, a combination of "Awakening" (the Pillar Men theme) from Jojo's Bizzare Adventure and "Snap Yo Fingers, "Turn Down For What?", and "Throw It Up" by Lil Jon.